Forme 10


The Largest Dry Dock in the Mediterranean

Ship Repair and Conversion Pole in the Heart of the Mediterranean

Expertise, reliability and maxi dry docks

Chantier Naval de Marseille is a ship repair yard with advanced and well-equipped facilities, a highly skilled workforce, a wide network of specialists and strong teamwork ethic. Strategically located in Marseille, close to major Mediterranean terminals, CNdM benefits from the proximity of a competitive maritime and industrial hinterland and is ideally positioned to support the needs of the maritime, offshore and renewable energy sectors.

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Genova Industrie Navali Holding

Chantier Naval de Marseille is part of Holding Genova Industrie Navali (GIN) together with other companies operating in several segments of the shipping market.

The Genova Industrie Navali Holding Company is the outcome of an agreement between the San Giorgio del Porto Company (a ship repair benchmark) and T. Mariotti Company (specializing in the construction of luxury vessels) which, coincidentally, both share the same place and date of founding: Genoa (Italy), 1928.

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Latest Videos

The following video showcases the latest projects of Chantier Naval de Marseille.

Genova Industrie Navali Corporate Presentation

The most beautiful stories come from the sea... Take a look to the complete video presentation of the Holding.

Forme 10: Your Home Dock

Forme 10: the biggest dry-dock in the Mediterranean for the new generation of mega ships. Simply your home dock.

First step in the automated hydroblasting

The first project, in co-operation with Hubert Palfinger Technologies, of automated hydroblasting on the vessel Corsica Linea "Pascal Paoli" at the Chantier Naval de Marseille shipyard.
Ready for the next step: Automated Coating!

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