Chantier Naval de Marseille is located in Marseille eastern harbour with one of the Mediterranean’s largest heavy industrial facilities

CNdM operates large, modern and well-equipped workshops situated in front of the two dry docks, No. 8 and 9. Each of these workshops is involved in a single activity (mechanical work, steelwork, pipe work, lifting, logistics, electrical work and general store), and is properly equipped with significant overhead cranes and advanced machinery.


The shipyard’s in-house workshops allow Chantier Naval de Marseille to act as general contractor in all activities.

Chantier Naval de Marseille has specialized workshops capable of independent production and can even host subcontractors. With operations ranging from scheduled and planned dockings to unexpected emergency operations, from little tugs to the new giants of the sea, CNdM has the facilities, the people and the technical knowhow to carry out any kind of repair on all types of vessels.


In the mechanical workshop the yard has 3,300 sq. meters properly equipped with overhead cranes up to 50 tons and all necessary tools machines such as: lathes (including a 13 mt long sliding bed lathe, a vertical lathe with 3 mt diameter capacity), grinding machines, milling machines, slotting machines, drills, saws, cutting machines, descaling machines, boring machines (including a large horizontal boring machine), press, cleaning station, set pressure station, test station, and an injection bench. The mechanical workshop is perfectly suited to cover the whole range of marine applications, from delicate diesel injection works to heavy gear machining such as rudders, tail shafts, thrusters, and propellers.

Pipe and Steel

In the steel and pipes workshop, CNdM has 3,300 sq. meters properly equipped with overhead cranes up to 50 tons and all necessary machines to cut, shape, weld and fabricate any steel or pipe you may need. The tools include a plasma cutting set, a guillotine shear, a punch, several chain saws, a nibbler, band saws, press, hand folding machines, bending machines, column drills, lathes and threading machines.


CNdM provides dedicated storage areas, covered and secured, up to 4,000 sq. meters, to stock owners and suppliers of spare parts and equipment; these areas are especially convenient in cases involving conversion and refurbishment of passenger vessels.

Yard in Numbers

The shipyard’s infrastructure allows Chantier Naval de Marseille to act as general contractor in all activities.

Total surface 90.500 sqm
Covered surface 19.700 sqm
Equipped workshops with systems, machineries and lifting means for working plates and profiles 6.800 sqm
Covered areas for storage and/or heavy steel manufacturing 9.500 sqm
Canteens, changing rooms, structures all suitable according to healthe requirements, environmental respect and safety. Available
Cranage Dockside rail cranes: 1x50t / 1x150
Mobile harbour crane: 1x40t
Pier 1 Poste 190 mt Pier 190: 450mt / Pier 114; 450mt

Dry Docks and Berths

Advanced facilities capable of handling any kind of vessel

CNdM operates dry docks No. 8 and 9 in Marseille Port, capable of receiving the largest vessels, and 450 linear meters of completely equipped berths. CNdM has dry dock No. 10 (the largest in the Mediterranean) with a 465x85 mt capacity.

The drydocks, directly managed by the shipyard, are covered by cranes up to 50 tons (150 tons at dock No. 10).
The drydocks are run on a 24h/7/365 basis and can be mobilized at short notice.